Ground-based wind blade inspection

Our service combines thermal with optical imaging to inspect wind blades from the ground. We provide high quality and performance, minimise HSE risks and have a competitive pricing model compared to existing solutions.

Major benefits:

  • Detection of structural material flaws on the surface and inside of the blade
  • The camera system is placed on the ground at a distance of 100 to 200 metres from the turbine
  • Solar energy is the only energy source used, meaning that no additional heating sources are required Inspections with optical and thermal images for all three blades take only 60 to 90 minutes to complete

We solve the triple constraints of quality, time and costs!

Our inspection services cover the blade’s entire service life, from commissioning to the end of life.

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Thermal and optical imaging for more precise repairs

In addition to the weather and to pre-existing manufacturing defects, the technology and the method selected for inspections have a major impact on blade service life and, consequently, on performance and costs.

HENSOLDT’s long-range thermal camera brings unmatched results for the blade inspection market.

Both optical and thermal imaging technologies have unique benefits. The combination of both technologies is required to achieve the best quality for composite inspection and to detect a wider range of flaws on the outside and inside of the wind blade. Repairs can be better scheduled and also more precisely performed and monitored.

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HENSOLDT – Detect and Protect

HENSOLDT is a world-leading provider of premium defence and security electronics solutions with a strong heritage in renowned European companies like Telefunken, Zeiss, Dornier, Aerospatiale-Matra and Airbus Defence and Space.

HENSOLDT has a large portfolio of thermal and optical camera systems, which were developed initially for defence and space applications. Several of these cameras are classified as dual use goods, enabling the company to target new markets, such as the inspection of composites.

Global customers benefit from HENSOLDT’s strong international footprint and over 40 years of thermography and laser experience.

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Working at HENSOLDT

We are pioneering with a passion to create competitive premium electronics of tomorrow! With high-tech products and innovative solutions, we detect and protect. Innovation is our core business; we make an essential contribution to protecting people and nations. As an employee you will take part in these new challenges, as well as growing and succeeding with HENSOLDT!

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