A triple-constraint solution

HENSOLDT is revolutionising the wind blade inspection market by solving the triple constraints, also known as the magic triangle, in which a product or service can have only two of these three properties: low costs, fast deliverables and high quality.

Thanks to our cutting-edge thermography and laser technologies, HENSOLDT provides a unique service: high quality, fast and cost-efficient optical and thermographic wind blade inspection.



Our offering

  • Project set-up and general conditions
  • Optical and thermal scanning of the entire rotor blade at the wind park
  • Analysis and identification of flaws and failures
  • Structural analysis report including optical and thermal images, flaw localisation and severity classification
  • Temperature analysis report including absolute surface temperature and temperature distribution
  • Data recording, monitoring and fatigue evaluation over the service life
  • Review of the results with the customer and recommendation of measures
  •  Acquire the blade images using HENSOLDT’s camera system based on different contract models
Project Set-up
Camera PositioningOperation and Data AquisitionData Processing and Analysis
Structural Analysis ReportTemperature Analysis ReportRaw Optical and Thermal Data
Data Recording and Tracking
Review of Results



Structural analysis with optical and thermal images

HENSOLDT’s structural analysis identifies flaws on the surface and inside of the blade, such as delamination, resin nest, humidity in the core material and dry laminate.

Surface cracks can have multiple origins. Thermography provides a clear indication of whether deeper damage is the root cause of the crack.

Analysis reports are delivered in short time while having a very competitive pricing model compared to existing standard solutions.

The optical and thermographic wind blade inspection enables more efficient and predictable repair campaigns by documenting long-term fatigue behaviour of the blade structure and by providing transparency in quality.

Surface temperature scanning from the ground

HENSOLDT’s surface temperature scanning is able to measure absolute temperature at a distance of more than 100 metres from the ground – even in extreme weather conditions and at night. The temperature analysis report indicates the absolute temperature and its distribution over the entire blade surface.

Some turbines are equipped with anti-icing systems and it is necessary to measure the absolute surface temperature to ensure that no ‘cold’ areas are on the blade.

We ensure the functionality of the de-icing system in the shortest possible time and at low cost.

Inspection platforms

In addition to ground-based inspection, other non-destructive inspection platforms such as drones and helicopters are offered to meet customer requirements – both onshore and offshore.